Gaff & Go is a trans lingerie, swimwear & accessories brand for pre-op transgender women, non-binary people & those who tuck.

The Gaff and Go Pay It Forward Scheme has been created to help transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary people in need, by providing them with free gender-affirming care products paid for by someone else.

With the Pay It Forward Scheme, 100% of donations (received through Go Fund Me) are used to send gender affirming care products to transgender people who need them across the UK and around the world.

The objective of the scheme is to help transgender people access clothes and gender-affirming products like tucking gaffs and binders, in order to help solve the problem of gender dysphoria: a disorder caused by a mismatch between a person’s biological sex and their gender identity.

Many transgender people within the trans community are unable to afford gender-affirming care products such as tucking underwear and binders. With the Pay It Forward Scheme, many of those who can’t afford these items will be able to receive them for free.

Our goal is to raise £30,000 through this Pay It Forward Scheme, and Gaff and Go will match 20% of funds raised during this process, so together we can build a better and safer community for us all.

The funds raised from this Pay It Forward Scheme will be enough to provide gender affirming care products (such as tucking underwear, trans bralettes and binders) to at least 1,500 trans and gender non-conforming people who cannot afford these essentials.

We receive a lot of messages on a daily basis from trans and gender non-conforming people who cannot afford these products, asking for free items. After joining forces with the charity Trans Celebration, it is our belief that we can do something more about this problem and that is why we started the Pay It Forward Scheme.

Gaff and Go works with the charity Trans Celebration and if you are facing difficulties and cannot afford any of our items, please contact Trans Celebration for assistance.

TRANS CELEBRATION is a trans-led, human rights and community organisation dedicated to emphasising issues affecting trans and gender-diverse people in the United Kingdom, and improving the quality of their lives.

Gender affirming care products are a necessity, not a luxury: the right gender affirming care products (such as tucking underwear for trans women) help save lives.

With our Pay It Forward Scheme, we hope to reach out to people who can assist someone in need. We then send these products to people who applied through the scheme to be considered. The Gaff and Go Pay It Forward Scheme covers all countries

To be considered, please send us a message by using our Contact Us form or by simply emailing us.

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