Gaff and Go is a Transgender Lingerie + Swimwear and Accessories Brand that specialises in the Manufacturing and Production of Gender Affirming Care Products like the Gaff and Go Transgender TUCKING Gaffs specially made for Pre-op Transgender Women, Non-Binary People and those who tuck.

Our Best Seller Gaff and Go Tucking Swimwear is the Perfect Tucking Swimwear for Trans Women that keeps you tucked all day.

Our Gaff and Go Swimwear is a Beautifully designed Transgender TUCKING SWIMWEAR / SWIMSUIT for pre op transgender women and those who tuck.

Our One-piece Transgender Tucking Swimwear is extremely comfortable and will keep you tucked all day at the Beach or Pool without any visible signs of a bulge by offering an extremely flattering and flat front look.

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Gaff & Go is a Transgender Lingerie + Swimwear & Accessories Brand for Pre-op Transgender women, Non-Binary People & those who Tuck.


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