Gaff & Go is a Trans Lingerie + Trans Swimwear & Accessories Brand for Pre-op Transgender women, Non-Binary People & those who Tuck.

Our Gaff and Go Trans Tucking Thong is specifically made for transgender women who have not had genital surgery. Materials include a mixture of luxury fabric, and the thongs are lined with premium cotton.

Each piece is also purpose-made to gently ‘tuck’ the genitals in place. Gaff and Go Trans Tuck thong is more of a high-waisted style thong, designed to fully cover up to the hip region and finish above the bum crack to flatter the derrière.

You can see across our social media platforms the amazing reviews that have been left by our customers from across the world. Since we have a wide range of options that will only continue to grow we have something for everyone. We have close to 300,000 followers across our social media platforms.

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