Transparency - a northern tale of transition

7 July Manchester and 8 July Salford (Greater Manchester Fringe)

Dive into the everyday life of a transgender male through the relatable, hilarious and brutally honest lens of a northern working class family. Whilst 20-something forklift driver Jack navigates the hurdles of transition, family dynamics are shaken up.

Transparency is a transformational solo theatre performance that moves through hard-hitting issues in a way that is at the same time vulnerable, jarring, heartwarming and side-splitting. It carries us through the uncomfortable, sobering and intriguing journey of a fully human transgender life, breaking down the barriers between us.

Jaden Adams is a 29-year-old trans male actor and former gas engineer from an Oldham council estate. In his first touring solo production, he plays five characters, three male and two female.

"Memorable, thought provoking, humbling, inspirational."

"You see things from a trans person’s perspective - we are all human and desperate to live our best lives."

"It captivated me from the start until the end. Mind blowing, very emotional, powerful. I cried at least 6 times!"

Transparency is written by Jaden Adams and Mary Cooper and directed by Francesca Murray Fuentes.

Transparency is at 53two, Manchester on Fri 7 July and Salford Arts Theatre on Sat 8 July (part of Greater Manchester Fringe Festival) before a UK tour starting in September.

Details and tickets are here