Framed Opticians lauded for their most recent nod to LGBTQ+

“Everybody is welcome, every day of the year”

OT  spoke to optometrists about inclusion, visibility and the importance of providing safe spaces beyond Pride month

'On a treelined street in Chorlton, Manchester, between a gift shop and Royce Balti Palace, a portrait of a drag queen with a towering blonde bouffant graces the window.

Framed Opticians chose to recognise the legacy of Paul O’Grady for Pride month in June, following his death at the age of 67 in March. O’Grady presented several mainstream television programmes as his drag queen alter ego, Lily Savage, in the 1990s'.

“She was ground-breaking really in terms of visibility,” optometrist Peter Sunderland explains.

“She brought a drag queen to Saturday night TV and made it acceptable for some guy to go down to the pub, then come home and have a right old laugh at Lily Savage presenting Blankety Blank,” he said.

Framed Opticians has previously showcased mathematician and World War II code-breaker, Alan Turing, and US drag queen, RuPaul, through window displays and support Canalstcard. See benefits via 

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